Updated: March 26, 1997

Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation Page 1

Picture Of Bobo On My Front Porch
Well, here is where our little vacation begins. Bobo was probably the most excited of us all. He couldn't wait to escape the cold weather. In fact, this picture was taken two days before we left. But there is Bobo, anxiously waiting, holding nothing but my pool cues and a Canadian flag.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

May 12th arrives and the Bar Room Bandits leave St. Thomas, Ontario for Detroit, Michigan where United Airlines Flight 9111 is to depart. Literally jumping for joy, getting Bobo to sit still long enough to take this picture of him anticipating the moment when he can board the plane was tough. Picture Of Bobo looking towards his flight.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo losing money on the slots.
WE'VE ARRIVED!!! Welcome to Las Vegas, Bobo. The one thing Bobo found on his trip is that you can't go ANYWHERE in this city without finding a bandit of another type. The "one-armed bandit." Well, always being a risk-taking puppy, Bobo couldn't resist stopping by a slot machine for a couple of pulls. Don't ask how he did!
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

After guarding the team while they collected their luggage at the airport, Bobo did his best to hail a cab for us to the Riviera. I'd say that he didn't do too badly! Picture Of Bobo getting us our ride.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo enjoying some beverages.
But even Bobo couldn't convince the Riviera to give us a room that first night, and we were forced to stay up all night in the practice room there. And what helps a night of pool go by that much faster? An ice cold beer.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Although I think that Bobo might have had one too many that night. Surprising Bobo's opponent Kevin in the background, Bobo just forgets about using the pool cue and starts knocking the balls in with his paws. Picture Of Bobo cheating.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo getting punished.
Yet such a flagrant violation of the rules doesn't go by unnoticed however. Referee for the week's tournament and BCA instructor Jeffrey Clark had to pick Bobo up and have a few words with him. Unfortunately, as a disciplinary action, they banned Bobo from playing in the Teams division later in the week.

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