Updated: March 26, 1997

Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation Page 2

Picture Of Bobo checking in at the Riviera.
Finally the next day we could get a room and check in. In fact, the lady behind the counter did the team a delightful favour and let us into our room a few hours before the 4:00pm check in time. Bobo being the consummate "ladies pup" got her phone number and stopped for a quick picture too!
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Nevertheless, after being awake for two days straight, the whole team was a little tired. Notice here our team captain Kevin taking a nap in the afternoon, and Bobo naturally gravitated to the most comfortable spot in the room for a nap of his own. Picture Of Bobo asleep on the team captain.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo and the lovely waitresses from Hooters.
Bobo woke up a bit before the rest of us, and just couldn't resist being left alone in Sin City, so he went out exploring to see what he could find. Not content with only hitting on one female so far, he had to hit on two at once. These two lovely waitresses from the local "Hooters" restaurant couldn't resist Bobo's boyish charm.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

All this "lady-killing" is making the little pup hungry. Where better to eat, than the Planet Hollywood inside Caesar's Palace. However, he at least stopped long enough to pose for a picture with his master, yours truly, in front of the hand prints of Don Johnson and Bruce Willis. Picture Of Bobo and Jeremy at the Planet Hollywood.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo at Caesar's Palace.
After grabbing a bite to eat Bobo played tourist inside Caesar's Palace stopping off at a wonderfully crafted water-fountain. In fact, Bobo looked so small in comparison to this grandiose sculpture that I circled him in the picture so you could find him!

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