Updated: March 26, 1997

Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation Page 3

May 14 saw four of us drive to the Grand Canyon in the neighbouring state of Arizona. Bobo drove the rental car for myself, Dan, and Adrian.

Picture Of Panoramnic shot of Bobo at the Grand Canyon.
Above you see a panoramic shot of that well travelled little mutt in front of one of the most picturesque holes in all of the world.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo at the Grand Canyon. Not that he really needed any more of an ego boost, but here's a photo of Bobo being put up on a pedestal overlooking the Grand Canyon.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

One thing is for sure, he's not shy of the camera at all is he? Here's another shot of Bobo resting on a rock not too far from a trusty bottle of Gatorade. It was a hot day and boy was he thirsty! Picture Of Bobo taking a break.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo and Jeremy enjoying the view.
At one point, Bobo thought that his pony-tailed master was getting a little too close to the unobstructed edge of the canyon and came running to make sure I was alright. Too calm him down I picked him up, gave him a little hug and stopped long enough for this picture!
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

And he proved it once again, ladies of ALL ages do love Bobo. Here's little Rachel from the San Francisco area. She and her family were vacationing here as well. Rachel and the "silly little puppy" hit it off real well and enjoyed the view together. Picture Of Bobo and Rachel.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo and Herbert Hoover.
Still, all good things must end, and Bobo had to say goodbye to his new Californian friends. However, his trip wasn't over yet. On the way back to our hotel, Bobo thought it might be a neat idea to stop by and see the Hoover dam. Although it was a little too windy for my stuffled friend to look over the edge, Bobo thought it might be a neat idea to grab a picture of him sitting on the sculpted bust of the dam's namesake--31st President of the United States, Herbert Hoover.

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