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Due to the fact they did not allow that flash photography while the tournament was going on, Bobo couldn't grab any pictures of his team while they played on the 15th and the 16th of May. However, after thinking about how we did, it's probably for the best anyway. Do rest assured that Bobo did sit patiently on the table while I won my first four games.

Picture Of Bobo on the Yellow Brick Road.
Later in the week, it was time to tour that famed street again, Las Vegas Boulevard. This time, venturing past Caesar's Palace, we stopped into the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Right inside the front doors is a giant mock up of the most famous yellow bricked road in history. Bobo couldn't resist hanging onto the fence for a picture.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

The next day was a day of relaxation. Although the picture might not show it, it was a beautiful hot and sunny day by the Riviera's pool. So Bobo decided to lay at my feet trying to get mouth to mouth from the lifeguard, but instead just settled for a good tan. Picutre Of Bobo sunning at Jeremy's feet.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo, Jeremy and Dan outside the Hard Rock.
Later that night Bobo, Adrian, Dan and I toured down Paradise Boulevard to the Hard Rock Cafe and their sister establishment, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Enjoying a few munchies outside the Cafe while waiting for our table, Bobo, Dad and myself stopped momentarily for a picture.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Ahhh, finally our table is ready. While the human members of our party waited for their food to arrive, Bobo went exploring through the restaurant to see what musical memorabilia he could find. Here's Bobo paying homage to one of the world's greatest rock and roll bands - Aerosmith. Picture Of Bobo and the Aerosmith Logo.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo on the table. While waiting for us to finish our drinks, Bobo became impatient and starting jumping around on the table. Don't worry. We're almost done.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

On the 18th we had quite a surprise. Heavy metal heroes KISS made a surprise appearance at the Hard Rock. This put Bobo in a frenzy because those make up clad maniacs are one of his favourite bands. Here Bobo insisted on his picture taken in front of an original suit that bassist Gene Simmons wore on a tour. Picture Of Bobo posing with Gene Simmons.
Bobo's Las Vegas Vacation

Picture Of Bobo getting deported. Unfortunately, our little friend doesn't know how to stay out of trouble. What a way to end our trip than with a visit from one of Las Vegas' finest. Although he wouldn't allow himself to be photographed, the officer did let me get a picture of my little friend sitting on the hood of his car. That was right before they handcuffed and put Bobo in the back of the cruiser, only to be deported back to Canada the next day.

So, here ends our little journey. Bobo hopes that you've enjoyed taking this little vacation with him and hopes that he can go out traveling again soon.

And don't forget, Bobo's been to New Zealand. Read about it here!

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