Updated: March 26, 1997

Picture Of Bobo panning for Gold.
After a night with one too many "Hooker's Ales", Bobo decided to take it easy the next day in Ross. Ross was the home of one of New Zealand's largest gold rushes. There's even still MANY MANY dollars of gold buried underneath and near Ross. Bobo tried his luck at panning for some of the yellow stuff, hoping to strike it rich. Let's just say that Bobo's still a few years away from retirement.

Bobo's New Zealand Vacation

I thought we paid good money to get away from the snowy winter of Canada? This wasn't bad though. It's not too often that a puppy get's to walk on a glacier. Let alone one that butts into a rainforest. Bobo was a bit more fortunate than his human companions who didn't have a fur coat to keep them warm. Picture Of Bobo on a glacier.

Bobo's New Zealand Vacation

Picture Of Bobo bungy jumping.

How stupid can two Canadians be? I mean, what would possess you to jump off of a perfectly good bridge? Especially one that's 102 metres (340 feet for the metric-ly challenged) above the ground. Welcome to the Pipeline Bungy over Skipper's Canyon, in the adventure capital of New Zealand of Queenstown. Inset you can see Bobo getting weighed in for his jump off the bridge, while you see yours truly looking incredibly confident mere seconds before jumping. Click here if you'd like to read a little bit more about my jump .

Bobo's New Zealand Vacation

Here's the famous landmark of Christchurch. The Cathedral. The Cathedral Square is a great place to just relax in the shade and watch the many different people who come by. Bobo decided to do this by sitting on his master's backpack. Inset, you can see Bobo helping out the town crier, who belts out the area's upcoming events. Picture Of Bobo helping the town crier.

Bobo's New Zealand Vacation

Picture Of Bobo sand surfing.
After many long hours on the motorway, Bobo found himself even further north than where he landed. Near the Bay of Islands, and the 90-Mile Beach, Bobo took his last chance for adventure by doing some sand dune surfing on the grainy hills of Opononi. His boogie board was perhaps a BIT too big for him, but that didn't stop him from enjoying himself any less.

Bobo's New Zealand Vacation

But our favourite travelling puppy sure has a knack for finding trouble doesn't he? That's why it shouldn't suprise you to hear that Bobo "borrowed" this airplane. And for those that don't think he's qualified, if you look closely, you can even see his little yellow Air New Zealand captain's wings sitting beside him (because without a jacket, it hurts too much to wear them!) Picture Of Bobo hijacking a plane.

So where's Bobo heading next? Well, that's the big question isn't it. But, until that 757 lands, we'll just have to wait and see where Bobo's next vacation is.


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