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Updated: February 20, 2000

It Gets Lonely In Space 0h 2m 22s
    SCENE:   When the Darth Vader's Star Destroyer is chasing the rebel Blockade Runner.
EVENT:   As a joke, movie makers often put in little things that usually are never seen in the movie but at least they know they are there. One such case is in the Corellian Corvette at the very beginning of the movie. If you were able to see inside the front window of the ship, you would not only see a movie poster for Star Wars IV: A New Hope, but a Playboy Playmate hanging on the wall as well.


R2-D2's Bad Guidance Sensors 0h 5m 05s
    SCENE:   When Leia is feeding R2-D2 the plans to the Death Star, on board the Corellian Corvette.
EVENT:   After Leia gives R2-D2 the message for Obi-Wan, R2 starts to roll away. If the scene had continued, he would have rolled into the wall and off the main pathway.

Quick Moving Trooper 0h 5m 40s
    SCENE:   Vader interrogates on of the rebels on board the Blockade Runner as to the whereabouts of the Death Star plans.
EVENT:   Watch the leftmost stormtrooper. At the beginning of this scene, he is holding his blaster at his waist. As the camera cuts to a different angle, the trooper is holding the gun up to his chest, and as the camera cuts back to the original angle, the gun is back by the trooper's waist.

Shy Stormtrooper 0h 6m 08s
    SCENE:   Stormtroopers are searching the Blockade Runner for any hiding rebels.
EVENT:   The troops are looking in every corner and the camera cuts to Leia who pokes her head out from behind a pillar. We cut back to the troopers and if you notice in the bottom left of the screen behind the foremost "pillar" there is a white pant leg which sticks out then disappears back out of view.

Forgetful Costume Designer 0h 6m 10s
    SCENE:   When the stormtroopers find Leia hiding in the corridor on the Blockade Runner, and prepare to stun her for delivery to Darth Vader.
EVENT:   The lead trooper says "There's one. Set for stun." Leia then shoots him. The trooper who then assumes the lead and shoots the stun blast at Leia has a different helmet than any other stormtrooper throughout the trilogy. On the sides of the helmet, near the bottom, on the part that almost looks like air feeder tubes, there are normally vertical slots or stripes. The trooper who shoots Leia is missing these slots.

Stupid Use Of The Force 0h 7m 47s
    SCENE:   During the Blockade Runner invasion, when Princess Leia is brought before Darth Vader.
EVENT:   When Vader is interrogating Leia, the first time we get a full face shot of him is when he says, "I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you." Look at his neck chain that holds his cape together; it is on top of the lip of his collar. The camera cuts back to Leia and then it goes back to Vader. Now, the chain has worked its way underneath his collar. As the shot cuts back, Vader yells "Take her away!". Now, the magic cape chain has moved yet again, back above the lip of his collar.

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