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Updated: February 20, 2000

Blinded By The Light 0h 8m 46s
    SCENE:   Any scene featuring C-3PO.
EVENT:   Mostly visible during the first half of the movie, the lights in Threepio's eyes are off. As evidenced throughout the trilogy, we are shown that when his eyes are off, he cannot see, and is blind. If that is so, how can Threepio navigate around the desert. It is not just because the outside light is brighter than those in his eyes, because during the Tusken Raider attack when Luke and Threepio search for Artoo, when Threepio is stunned, his eye lights turn on.

Threepio's Moving Stain 0h 10m 31s
    SCENE:   As Threepio walks past the skeleton of the dragon on Tatooine.
EVENT:   C-3PO has a large grease stain down the left side of his chest. A few minutes later this stain is on the right side. This is a result of the film being flipped in post production.

Moving Gadgets 0h 13m 12s
0h 13m 10s SE
    SCENE:   After the Jawas have captured Artoo in the canyon, and are about to attach the restraining bolt before he's put inside the Sandcrawler.
EVENT:   The Jawa walks up to Artoo and begins to attach the restraining bolt. Take notice of the "box" that he attaches it to. The Jawa places the restraining bolt in the vertical centre of this box. Then we see a close up of this scene, and still, the Jawa welds it to the centre of the box. We then cut back to a further away shot, and the restraining bolt is now near the very top of that box.

Kenny Baker, I Can See You 0h 13m 46s
0h 13m 44s SE
    SCENE:   When Artoo first gets put into the Jawa's sandcrawler and he looks around at all the creatures in there.
EVENT:   You see R5-D4, the red R2 unit, and then right after the SECOND time we see the red R2, it cuts back to Artoo. He turns his head around and you can see the face of Kenny Baker inside through the bubble on Artoo's head.

Quick Growing Plants 0h 16m 16s
0h 16m 38s SE
    SCENE:   The Sandcrawler has stopped by the Lars residence and we get our first look at Luke Skywalker.
EVENT:   Luke's aunt Beru calls for him from down below in the residence. As Luke runs to the edge so he can look down to his Aunt, take note of any vegetation around him. There is one bush-like plant that we can see. In the next shot, we look up at Luke from down inside the crater. We see Luke, and there are three or four bushes and plants around him. When we change perspective to back above the crater, there is only one bush again.

Loose Wiring 0h 17m 08s
0h 17m 30s SE
    SCENE:   Uncle Owen is inspecting the prospective purchases and engages C-3PO in conversation.
EVENT:   Right before Luke whines about wishing to go into town to pick up some power converters, we see a side/rear shot of Threepio. In this shot, we can see a wire running up Threepio's back to the base of his neck/head. This wire is never seen again in any part of the trilogy.

R5-D4 In Two Places At Once 0h 18m 06s
0h 18m 28s SE
    SCENE:   After Owen buys R5-D4, the red R2 unit, and it explodes.
EVENT:   As Owen points to R2-D2 and R2's head turns, you see a shot of the Jawas prepping R5-D4 from BEFORE Owen made his purchase.

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