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Updated: February 20, 2000

The Hose Is Alive 0h 20m 31s
0h 20m 53s SE
    SCENE:   The holographic message from Leia is playing for Luke and the droids.
EVENT:   Watch closely to the items in the background while the message plays. On the right of the screen, you will see a coiled up hose. When Threepio explains to Luke about how the restraining bolt has short circuited Artoo, the hose that was on the right, has moved to the left of the picture. In fact, EVERY item in the background has been flipped, most probably due to the flipping of the film in post-production.

Bad Timing 0h 21m 26s
0h 21m 48 SE
    SCENE:   Luke is cleaning Artoo and a holographic message appears.
EVENT:   When the message pops up, Leia's hologram says "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope." The problem here is that the gestures that Leia makes are not synchronized correctly with what the message does the rest of the time.

The Disappearing Rag 0h 21m 52s
0h 22m 14s SE
    SCENE:   Right after R2-D2 shows Luke the Leia hologram.
EVENT:   Near the end of this segment, watch 3PO's sleight of hand. In one shot, he's holding a rag, in the next shot he isn't, and in then next shot ("I'm sorry sir, but he appears to have picked up a slight flutter") he has the rag again, and in the next shot he doesn't.

Fast Droids 0h 21m 55s
0h 22m 17s SE
    SCENE:   In Luke's garage after hearing the message from Leia, and is about to leave to go and eat dinner.
EVENT:   The position of Artoo's head changes position instantaneously on several shots, as the camera cuts from close-ups to medium shots of the two droids.

Luke's Drinking Problem 0h 22m 58s
0h 23m 14s SE
    SCENE:   Owen, Beru and Luke are eating dinner.
EVENT:   Before Luke walks into the dining area, Beru is pouring a beverage into Luke's cup. The cup is slightly transparent, and you can see she fills it to about half way. A few seconds later, when Luke walks into the scene, Luke grabs the pitcher and pours the liquid into the same cup that Beru just did a few moments before, and it is empty.

Luke's Cup Keeps Switching Hands 0h 22m 55s
0h 23m 17s SE
    SCENE:   When Luke is eating with Owen and Beru.
EVENT:   At the beginning part of this sequence, his cup is in his left hand. Later, it appears in his right hand.

Aunt Beru The Ventriloquist 0h 23m 53s
0h 24m 15s SE
    SCENE:   Any scene where Aunt Beru speaks.
EVENT:   If you watch Aunt Beru's lips whenever she speaks, you can notice that sometimes her lips are not moving exactly with her speech. This is because after the original theatrical release of the movie, Lucas had all of Beru's lines dubbed over. This is reportedly because Lucas felt that the real Beru's voice was too low and felt it needed to be changed.


Rapidly Moving Suns 0h 24m 26s
0h 24m 48s SE
    SCENE:   Luke storms out of the Lars dining area upset and walks outside.
EVENT:   Luke walks outside and stares into the Tatooine sky at the two suns (Tatoo I and Tatoo II). As the camera angle changes, the second time we see the dusk sky, the suns are clearly in different positions than they were mere seconds before. There is even a mountain partially blocking the lower of the stars the second time we see it.

Day AND Night 0h 25m 29s
Fixed in SE
    SCENE:   After it is discovered that Artoo has run away. Luke and Threepio run outside to look for him.
EVENT:   During the conversation that Luke and Threepio have, you will see numerous shots of them from further away, and from medium distance. During the closer shots, the sky is much darker than it is during the further away shots.
NOTES:   This has been fixed in the Special Editions.

Droid Without Power 0h 24m 27s
0h 24m 49s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Threepio are discussing what to do about the now missing Artoo.
EVENT:   Just as Threepio says "Pardon me sir, but wouldn't we go after him?", you are able to see a rope pulling the droid that is "rolling" in front of them from right to left.

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