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Updated: February 20, 2000

Armed Attack 0h 39m 26s
0h 30m 48s SE
    SCENE:   Ben has scared away the Tusken Raiders, and is gathering Luke and the droids for transport back to his house.
EVENT:   During the attack, one of Threepio's arms falls off. His left arm. However, when we see Luke pick up the severed arm, it appears to be Threepio's right arm.


You Didn't Lose Your Arm 0h 30m 51s
0h 31m 13s SE
    SCENE:   Ben and Luke are gathering up the dismembered Threepio.
EVENT:   Luke is on the right of the screen, helping Ben to pick up Threepio. If you look just below the severed shoulder on Threepio as he is being picked up, there are a few split seconds where you can see Anthony Daniels' (the actor portraying Threepio) arm bent back behind his body, trying to stay out of sight.


Is Threepio On Or Off? 0h 31m 77s
0h 32m 19s SE
    SCENE:   Luke, Ben and the droids are in Ben's hut and Ben is telling Luke of his father.
EVENT:   Threepio requests that he be powered off if he is not going to be needed, and Luke complies. But when Ben brings out Anakin's lightsaber to show Luke, when he powers it on, you can see Threepio noticeably moving from the actor breathing inside the suit.

The Disappearing Wall Hanging 0h 32m 01s
0h 32m 23s SE
    SCENE:   Just after Ben gets out Anakin's lightsaber.
EVENT:   There is a "shawl" hanging on the wall which temporarily disappears, and then reappears in Obi Wan's house. It looks like a medium-brown macrame blanket. It is hanging on the left side of the plaster arch in the house. Notice it casts a shadow that sticks out to the left of the shadow cast by the arch, and just below the circular panel with the five lights on it. Right after Ben says "This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight . . .," the shawl disappears. After Luke turns off his saber, it is back.

Choppy Lightsaber 0h 32m 05s
0h 32m 27s SE
    SCENE:   Any scene where a lightsaber is ignited or retracted.
EVENT:   During every scene featuring lightsabers in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, when a lightsaber is ignited or retracted, the picture jumps around and becomes very choppy. This is because the special effects had not been developed for this very well. What you are seeing is the film being stopped, the actors trying to remain perfectly still, while the lightsaber hilt is replaced for a "lit" lightsaber, which, during filming, was a stick placed in the lightsaber hilt.

Nice Reflection 0h 32m 13s
0h 32m 35s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is playing with his new lightsaber.
EVENT:   After Luke turns on the lightsaber, he swings it around. Watch Threepio on the left of the screen, and you can see the reflection of Luke's saber as he swings it. The blooper is that the reflection is of the solid stick, and not the coloured light that it should be.

They Shouldn't Move 0h 33m 25s
0h 33m 47s SE
    SCENE:   In Ben Kenobi's house when Artoo is playing the holographic message of Leia.
EVENT:   You'll notice the small table that Ben and Luke are sitting around, and Artoo is playing the message onto. Before the hologram begins, when we see the table, there appears to be two small objects resembling salt and pepper shakers, as well as a bowl or small kettle. When the hologram begins, and the camera's angle changes, the bowl disappears, and even the shakers appear to have moved, albeit subtly. When the hologram disappears, the bowl returns to the table.

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