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Updated: February 20, 2000

Vader's Gesturing 0h 58m 08s
1h 0m 34s SE
    SCENE:   Darth and Tarkin are talking about Leia's deception over the rebel base allegedly being on Dantooine.
EVENT:   During part of the exchange, Darth stops talking, but keeps gesturing as though he is saying something. Tarkin doesn't respond to his comment until after he stops gesturing.
The reason Vader continues gesturing is that the original line of dialog was a bit longer, and was evidently shortened in post-production. According to the original screenplay, Vader's full lines were:
"I told you she would never consciously betray the Rebellion, 
unless she thought she could destroy us in the process."
In the final cut, they cut off the audio line after the word "Rebellion." David Prowse did speek the original lines during filming, hence the prolonged gesturing).

The Falcon Needs Support 1h 0m 42s
1h 3m 08s SE
    SCENE:   The Millennium Falcon is caught by the Death Star's tractor beam and is being pulled on board the station.
EVENT:   As the Falcon enters the hanger bay of the Death Star, watch the bottom centre of the ship as it passes through the hanger door. The edge of the door is lit with a white light, but as the ship passes through, the light is "broken" by the vertical pole that was used to hold the model of the ship.

More Cheap Costumes 1h 0m 50s
1h 3m 16s SE
    SCENE:   The Death Star crew prepares for the capture of the Millennium Falcon.
EVENT:   After seeing the Falcon being drawn closer to the station, we see shots of troopers scurrying to get to their posts. One of those scenes is four troopers following a rolling "mouse-bot" on the floor. The second trooper behind this mouse-bot has an incomplete helmet. On a normal trooper, on either side of their mouthpiece are a black "button" or "point". The incomplete trooper is missing the button on our right side of the mouthpiece.

MORE Cheap Costumes 1h 3m 00s
1h 5m 26s SE
    SCENE:   The Imperial scanning crew has boarded the Falcon and been knocked out. Han yells down "Hey down there, could you give us a hand here?"
EVENT:   Two troopers look at each other, and then go up the ramp to the Falcon. The trooper on the left of the screen, when he turns his back to us, is missing the canister on the small of his back that all other stormtroopers have. This is the stormtrooper armour that Luke wears during our hero's assault to the detention block.


Quick Scans 1h 4m 28s
1h 6m 54s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes are in a Death Star control room while Artoo scans their computer network to find where the tractor beam can be disabled.
EVENT:   After Artoo locates where the tractor beam can be disabled, the scene cuts to Ben saying "I don't think you boys can help." Look directly behind Ben to a display showing a red "sensor beam" sweeping a circle over a schematic of the Death Star.

Immediately we cut to a shot of Ben saying "I must go alone", and the sensor beam is almost half way around the schematic. If you notice the speed in which this beam sweeps in previous shots, there is no way that the beam could have travelled that far around the picture in such a near instant time frame.


Camouflage Costume 1h 7m 43s
1h 10m 09s SE
    SCENE:   Han, Luke and Chewbacca wait for an elevator down to the detention block.
EVENT:   There is a wide shot from above showing the three wait for a lift. From the left of the screen, you see an officer walk by who is wearing a grey shirt. We then cut instantly to a closer shot of the three, and the man walking by our heroes is wearing a black shirt.

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