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Updated: February 20, 2000

Say Cheese! 1h 10m 21s
1h 12m 47s SE
    SCENE:   As Han looks for Leia's cell number and speaks into the intercom in the detention area.
EVENT:   Just after Han shoots the control panel and yells to Luke, look over his shoulder on the left of the screen. You will notice two racks of security cameras hanging from the ceiling, untouched, even after our heroic trio very thoroughly destroyed them all.

Restocking The Weapons 1h 12m 16s
1h 14m 45s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes are battling in the corridor of the detention block.
EVENT:   Luke uses the comlink to call up to the droids in the Death Star control room to ask how to get out. On the right of the screen, next to the red and black computer panels, there is a gun rack, which is stocked with three blaster rifles.

Later on in the movie, when the stormtroopers barge into the control room with the droids, the gun rack has four rifles in it.


Magic Hair 1h 12m 43s
1h 15m 09s SE
    SCENE:   During the cell bay shootout, and Leia gets lippy with our heroes.
EVENT:   Leia says "This is some rescue". Notice that a little piece of hair has slipped out of the buns and is loose on her forehead, on our left hand side. The camera cuts to Han, and then back to Leia. The loose piece of hair is miraculously tucked back into the bun.

Shells For Laser Ammunition 1h 12m 53s
1h 15m 19s SE
    SCENE:   Virtually in any battle, the best is in the battle with the stormtroopers immediately after Leia has been pulled out of her cell (right before she blows a hole in the wall).
EVENT:   The laser rifles are actually modified Sterling 9mm submachine guns, and when filming the shootouts they used blank bullets (so they would feel when the guns were shot and would simulate "kickback") which ejected spent cases as if they were real bullets.

Chewie's Deja Vu 1h 13m 07s
1h 15m 31s SE
    SCENE:   During the shootout in the detention area, Leia shoots a hole in the grate leading to the trash compactor.
EVENT:   Leia tosses her blaster to Luke and jumps in and Chewie begins to follow and places one foot in the hole. The camera cuts away to Han shooting down the hallway. The camera cuts back to the wookie who is again walking towards the compactor and places the same foot in the hole again.

Flimsy Grating 1h 13m 28s
1h 15m 54s SE
    SCENE:   Leia has blasted a hole in the grate leading to the trash compactor, and our heroes are jumping through.
EVENT:   Han is the last one to jump through, and as he jumps through the hole, his foot hits the alleged metal grate, however, you can see it giggle as Han passes by.

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