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Updated: February 20, 2000

Moving Blaster Burns 1h 14m 04s
1h 16m 30s SE
    SCENE:   In the trash compactor after Han jumps in.
EVENT:   When Han lands, he fires his blaster at the door in an attempt to open it. The blast hits the door on the left, and creates a dark grey discolouration. In the next and subsequent scenes, the blaster burns disappear, reappear and move all over the door.

Speak Up Luke 1h 14m 41s
1h 17m 07s SE
    SCENE:   After you hear the roar of the Dianoga in the trash compactor and right before he is pulled under.
EVENT:   Luke turns his head and moves his mouth, but nothing comes out. It is quite easy to read Luke's lips saying "What's that?". A moment later you see him do it again but you can only catch the end of what he said and therefore cannot decipher it.

Quick Change Leia 1h 15m 27s
1h 17m 53s SE
    SCENE:   Luke gets pulled underwater by the trash compactor beast and our heroes wait for him to resurface.
EVENT:   Leia and Han wait nervously for their friend to come out of the water. The camera cuts to Leia as she leans to our left against some garbage. The camera then goes in for a close-up of Leia who is now leaning forward and to our right, with no time to change between the camera shots.

Stormtrooper's Low Clearance 1h 16m 37s
1h 19m 03s SE
    SCENE:   When Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie are inside the trash compactor, in the Death Star.
EVENT:   After the compactor has started and Luke is yelling into the comlink, the camera cuts to C-3PO's comlink sitting on the table, and then to the security door. The door opens and Stormtroopers walk in. The trooper behind and on the right of the lead trooper hits his head.

The Incredible Shrinking Stormtrooper 1h 17m 07s
1h 19m 33s SE
    SCENE:   Artoo and Threepio are found by the imperials in the control room.
EVENT:   One stormtrooper hangs back to guard the door, which is low enough for someone to hit their head on. The camera cuts to a different angle and there is all of a sudden plenty of clearance between the trooper's head and the bottom of the door.

Indecisive Chewie 1h 17m 53s
1h 20m 19s SE
    SCENE:   While our heroes are trapped in the trash compactor, after Han speaks the line "One thing is for sure, we're all going to be a lot thinner."
EVENT:   We are shown a medium close up of Chewbacca who is pushing against the wall with his hands. He then turns to our right to grab his blaster. We are then shown a shot from further away where Chewie is once again pushing against the wall. After a few seconds, Chewie turns around again to grab his blaster.

Space Age Metal 1h 18m 13s
1h 20m 39s SE
    SCENE:   Right after we hear Threepio say "Use the comlink? Oh my, I forgot."
EVENT:   The camera cuts back to our heroes in the trash compactor. Leia grabs a metal pole to try and brace the walls. Watch her left hand as she grabs it. It actually "crunches" momentarily when she clutches it, and when she loosens her grip, it returns to normal suggesting a VERY weak metal not even worth trying to brace the wall with.

Make Up Your Mind Chewie 1h 18m 44s
1h 21m 10s SE
    SCENE:   Just before the droids disable the trash compactor.
EVENT:   We are shown a wide shot where Chewie is bracing the wall with his bowcaster and he is keeping it steady. We cut to a close up of the wookie who is pushing against the wall with his hands. Finally we cut back to a wide shot where Chewie is once again bracing the wall with his bowcaster.

Colourful Trash 1h 19m 58s
1h 22m 24s SE
    SCENE:   Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewbacca have exited the trash compactor and begin to compose themselves.
EVENT:   In the first scene, if you look past our heroes and through the door into the trash compactor, you will notice that the contents of the room are very dark. Lots of browns and blacks. However, in all the camera shots afterwards, if you look through the door, there are orange objects on the left side resembling road pylons that were not there before.

Quick Hands 1h 20m 13s
1h 22m 39s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes have escaped the trash compactor. Leia and Han are exchanging insults.
EVENT:   Keep an eye on Luke while Leia says "From now on, you do what I tell you." He is holding his blaster in his left hand, which is up by his head. When the camera cuts to a different angle, Luke's left hand is down by his side.

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