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Updated: February 20, 2000

The Falcon Needs More Support 1h 29m 28s
Fixed In SE
    SCENE:   The Millennium Falcon escapes the Death Star, and Han notices that some TIE fighters are in pursuit.
EVENT:   Han and Luke are waiting in the gun ports of the Millennium Falcon. Leia calls over the comlink "Here they come!". The shot changes to a rear exterior view of the Millennium Falcon as the TIEs overtake her. If you look at the white engine glow coming from the rear of the Falcon, you can see a black vertical bar, which was the support for the model used in filming.

Inconsistency Of Hyperspace 1h 30m 39s
1h 33m 05s SE
    SCENE:   After the Falcon escapes from the Death Star and battles free of the pursuing TIE fighters.
EVENT:   The last of the fighters are destroyed and the Falcon jumps to hyperspace. We cut back to a conversation between Tarkin and Vader, and then back to the cockpit of the Falcon. As Han and Leia speak, if you look out the window, there are the plain stars of "normal space" and not the fuzzy white of hyperspace, that we see earlier in the film.

Mirrored Heroes 1h 32m 24s
1h 34m 50s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes just arrive at the Yavin 4 Base and are departing a transport.
EVENT:   After Leia speaks the line "We have no time for sorrows Commander" the camera cuts to Artoo being unloaded from a transport. The film has been reversed. The easiest ways to pick this out is to look at Artoo, or Han's holster. It's hanging off his left hip, instead of his right.

Poor Plans 1h 32m 45s
1h 35m 11s SE
    SCENE:   During the rebel briefing conducted by General Dodonna.
EVENT:   The General shows the rebels the Death Star plans downloaded from Artoo's memory banks. The "detailed" plans however are flawed, because they show the Death Star's main turret centred along the equator, when in reality, the turret was clearly on the northern hemisphere of the battle station.

Bad Timing 1h 34m 48s
1h 37m 04s SE
    SCENE:   The Death Star approaches the rebel base on Yavin IV, while Tarkin and Vader watch a viewscreen.
EVENT:   A voice comes over the intercom and announces that the rebel base would be in range in thirty minutes. The screen changes, and shows a countdown timer, starting at thirty. As the movie progresses, the time displayed on the viewscreen does not match the time announced by the Death Star crews.

Precision Ground Crew 1h 36m 33s
1h 38m 59s SE
    SCENE:   In the rebel hanger on Yavin before the battle, as Luke prepares to board his X-Wing before the battle.
EVENT:   The shot consists of a matte with two ranks of X-Wings superimposed on top, one shot small the other large. If one watches the movements of ground crew closely, the large frame action is repeated a few seconds later in the smaller superimposition.

Pilots Switching Helmets 1h 37m 16s
1h 40m 08s SE
    SCENE:   The rebel pilots scramble in the hanger bay to get to their ships in preparation of the Death Star attack.
EVENT:   With the exception of Luke, every pilot you see boarding a ship, or running frantically through the hanger is shown holding a very clean white helmet. The only markings on these helmets are blue "rebel" logos, similar to the ones on Luke's helmet. However, once the pilots are in flight, we do not see even one pilot wearing the blue logo covered helmet.

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