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Updated: February 20, 2000

Reversed Red Leader . . Again! 1h 43m 41
1h 46m 39s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle over the Death Star, right before Red Leader's untimely death and after the call "Lost Tiree, Lost Hutch!"
EVENT:   Red Leader's microphone attached to his helmet, switches from side to side. This is a result of the film being flipped during post production.

No Wreckage TBD
    SCENE:   After Red Leader's failed attack on the Death Star, and Darth Vader is in pursuit.
EVENT:   One of Vader's shots connect, and Red Leader's ship plummets towards the surface of the Death Star. We watch this happen from above, just after Luke looks out his cockpit window. If you watch this scene in slow motion, it is quite noticeable that no wreckage actually hits the surface, there is only an explosion. Because the camera moves very quickly in this scene, you wouldn't normally notice this without slow motion or pausing the picture.

Instant Windows 1h 47m 14s
1h 50m 06s SE
    SCENE:   Wedge complains that he is hit, and Luke orders him to head back to base.
EVENT:   As Wedge leaves the trench, we cut to a shot of Vader sitting in his TIE fighter, in which he orders his wingmen to let Wedge go, and to stay on the leader. This shot is from slightly above Vader's head, and you can see a window behind him. This window is not shown in any other shot of Vader's TIE fighter, and if you look at Vader's TIE fighter, there is no window at all on the back.

Black Space 1h 48m 12s
1h 51m 03s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is making his trench run with the targeting computer engaged, and Ben tells him to turn it off.
EVENT:   If you look out the rear left and right windows behind Luke, it is absolutely black outside. This is unlike all the other times when you can see a starfield and the sides of the Death Star trench flying past the windows.


Teleporting TIE Fighters 1h 49m 12s
1h 52m 03s SE
    SCENE:   Han Solo comes to the rescue of Luke and attacks Vader and his wingmen.
EVENT:   In the shot where the left hand TIE fighter is hit and crashes into Vader's TIE fighter, if you pause the picture when that scene first begins, the left-most TIE fighter is not there for the first three or four frames, only to reappear moments into the scene.

Paper Peanut Gallery 1h 51m 06s
1h 53m 58s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes walk into the main room of the Yavin IV rebel base to receive their medals.
EVENT:   The rebels that you see on the extreme left and extreme right of the screen are actually cardboard cut-outs of rebels, in an attempt to make the room look more filled.

NOTES:   In versions of the film before the Special Editions, the colouring of these "people" looks a lot more bland in comparison to the real people in the scene. In the Special Editions, the colouring has been touched up to make them look more real.

Bad Lip Synch 1h 51m 36s
1h 54m 28s SE
    SCENE:   Leia is about to hand out the medals at the victory ceremony after the Death Star's destruction.
EVENT:   We have a close up of Han Solo and then we cut back to Leia who is displaying a very wide smile. She turns to our right to General Dodonna to get Solo's medal, but when the camera immediately shows us a slightly wider angle, Leia's mouth is closed.

Credit Where Credit Is Due 1h 55m 36s
1h 57m 54s SE
    SCENE:   The credits - cast section.
EVENT:   The actor that played Wedge Antilles is credited as being played by Dennis Lawson. The actor's first name however, is spelled with only one "n", and is spelled correctly--as Denis Lawson--in the other movies of the trilogy.

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