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Updated: February 20, 2000

Unsanitary Employee 0h 2m 37s
    SCENE:   Vader's shuttle leaves the Star Destroyer and is en route to the Death Star.
EVENT:   The pilots of the shuttle contact the Death Star crew who check the credentials of the shuttle. Notice all of the crew in the control room are wearing black gloves. When the shuttle's identification checks out, we see a close up of a computer terminal. A hand reaches in and presses a button lowering the shields, and this hand is not wearing gloves at all.

Rapid Construction 0h 3m 13s
    SCENE:   Darth Vader's shuttle is about to dock inside the Death Star.
EVENT:   As we watch the shuttle land, on the shuttle's left hand side, you can see a large tower of what appears to be scaffolding. It reaches quite high. However, when we later cut to more close-up shots of the shuttle, that structure is no longer there.

Deja Vu 0h 7m 55s
    SCENE:   When the droids first enter Jabba's throne room.
EVENT:   You hear many alien voices in the background. One of them is Greedo's voice speaking the EXACT same dialogue he said to Han in Star Wars IV: A New Hope.


Quick Moving Artoo 0h 8m 10s
    SCENE:   The droids have just been given permission to enter Jabba's throne room.
EVENT:   When we finally see the droids round the corner to enter the throne room, Threepio accidentally kicks an alien, and upsets it. Artoo then follows and stops, unsure of how to traverse the steps down to the main floor.

The camera pans to the left, and as soon as Artoo is out of site, a three legged Artoo rolls out from the right, now on the main floor.

Then, when the camera instantly cuts from this rear shot of the droids, to a shot of their fronts, Artoo no longer has his third leg deployed.


Confusing Message 0h 8m 40s
    SCENE:   Artoo begins to play the holographic message from Luke to Jabba.
EVENT:   Look at the full body shot of the holographic Luke. Luke, who normally has his lightsaber clipped to his left hip, now has it hung from his right hip. As well, his hair, which normally has a part on his left hand side, is now parted on the right.

Afterwards, just before Artoo turns the message off, we get a shot from behind Artoo, and Luke's hologram is visible on the extreme right of the screen. Luke's lightsaber is now hanging from his left hip where it normally is.
NOTES:   This is a result of film being flipped in post production.


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