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Updated: February 20, 2000

Jabba In Rewind 0h 8m 48s
    SCENE:   Just after Artoo plays Luke's hologram to the palace.
EVENT:   In one of these early scenes, the film is actually running backwards. If you look closely, you can see the smoke from his pipe moving downwards and back into the pipe. The bubbles in his bong are also moving downwards.

Universal Translator 0h 9m 37s
    SCENE:   Any time that Jabba speaks.
EVENT:   During filming of the Jabba scenes, they were acted out in english. Later, Jabba's english lines were taken out, and substituted with his Hutteese language. But if you read the english subtitles and watch Jabba's lips, he is actually mouthing the english equivalent of the alien lines he's speaking.


Jabba's Stripper 0h 12m 50s
0h 13m 12s SE
    SCENE:   Oola (Jabba's dancing girl) is trying to escape from Jabba.
EVENT:   Oola accidentally "falls out of her costume" during a medium close up of her. Her breast can be seen for a second or two.
NOTES:   The close up scene has been deleted from the VHS Letterboxed version, but a shot from further away is still in this version of the movie.


Boba Fett's Reversible Costume 0h 14m 52s
0h 15m 19s SE
    SCENE:   In Jabba's palace when Boushh (Leia) threatens the court with the thermal detonator.
EVENT:   As Boba Fett nods to Boushh his costume is reversed due to the negative being flipped. The easiest part of his costume to see this on is his antenna, which is on the left-hand side of his head, whereas normally it would be on his right.

Lando's Concussion 0h 15m 54s
0h 16m 21s SE
    SCENE:   Although not a blooper, this scene is just after guards in Jabba's palace take Chewie away, and we get our first view of Lando in his skiff outfit.
EVENT:   As Lando walks into the shot; he bumps his head on the ceiling just before he pulls his mask down the show the audience who he is. He hits his head hard enough that the mask cranks backwards for a second.


Dry Cleaning 0h 26m 53s
0h 27m 20s SE
    SCENE:   When Leia in disguise releases the frozen Han Solo.
EVENT:   When Han is released, he falls on the floor and gets the front of his white shirt all dirty and muddy. Later, when he is brought before Jabba, his shirt is clean again.

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