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Updated: February 20, 2000

Chewie's Moving Bandolier 0h 28m 24s
0h 29m 08s SE
    SCENE:   When Leia looks out the window on Jabba's sail barge at Chewie, Han and Luke.
EVENT:   Chewie's bandolier is hanging from his RIGHT shoulder to his LEFT hip. In the next shot when Han says, "3PO, you tell that slimy piece . . . " Notice that Chewie's bandolier is hanging from his LEFT shoulder to his RIGHT hip. Also, when the scene shifts back inside the sail barge, a birthmark on Leia's back, normally on her right, is seen on her left.
NOTES:   This is due to the film being flipped in post production.

Lando's Vanishing Trick 0h 30m 35s
0h 31m 19s SE
    SCENE:   Right before Luke is to be pushed into the Sarlacc pit.
EVENT:   Luke nods at Lando to his RIGHT. The camera goes to other shots and when the shot comes back to the skiff guard prodding Luke to jump, and after Jabba says "Put him in", there is a quick shot where Lando is in the background on Luke's LEFT side. The next shot shows Luke jumping into the pit with Han and Chewie in the same position Lando was in during the previous shot.

Speedy Hands 0h 30m 37s
0h 31m 21s SE
    SCENE:   Luke has been ordered into the Sarlacc Pit.
EVENT:   Luke gives off his subtle goodbyes and jumps off of the plank. In one angle, Luke jumps, twists, and just before he grabs the plank, he has one hand way above his head, and only one hand positioned to grab the plank. When the camera instantly cuts to a different angle, Luke has grabbed the plank with both hands.

Han Has Been Cured 0h 30m 42s
0h 31m 26s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is jumping off the plank into the Sarlacc.
EVENT:   After Luke grabs the plank and jumps back up onto the skiff; he flips in the air, and then grabs his lightsaber, which Artoo has shot over to him. Watch Han in the background. He is supposed to be blind, but he follows the action quite closely.


Lando's Gloved Hands 0h 31m 07s
0h 31m 57s SE
    SCENE:   When Lando is hanging onto the skiff to keep from falling into the Sarlacc pit.
EVENT:   On all of the close up shots, Lando does not have gloves on, but in the far shots, he has black gloves on.

Exploding Gun 0h 31m 14s
0h 31m 58s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle on the skiffs over the Sarlacc pit just after Boba Fett rockets himself into the fight.
EVENT:   Luke swings at the bounty hunter with his lightsaber and chops Fett's gun in two. But if you watch it in slow motion, Boba Fett's gun begins to explode one frame before Luke actually slices it.

Lando's A Vampire 0h 31m 31s
0h 32m 15s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is trying to avoid the laser fire from a second skiff.
EVENT:   Luke takes a running leap from the skiff that he was brought out to the Sarlacc on, and jumps over to a second one. When the camera cuts to a wide shot of Luke jumping, look at the skiff on the right. You can see a matte painting of Lando hanging on underneath it. Although the skiff and everything else in this shot casts a shadow onto the sand, Lando's body does not.

Phantom Kick 0h 31m 43s
0h 32m 27s SE
    SCENE:   Han Solo hits Boba Fett and his rocket pack misfires sending Boba Fett flying into the sky.
EVENT:   As we follow Fett's flight, we cut to a scene showing the front half of a skiff. Luke then kicks one of Jabba's henchmen. He very clearly misses the man by a few inches, yet the man still tumbles to his doom none the less.

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