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Updated: February 20, 2000

Hanging Han 0h 32m 36s
0h 33m 20s SE
    SCENE:   When Luke, Han, etc. were to be thrown into the Sarlaac Pit on Tatooine, Han and Lando are standing on the levitating platform and one of Jabba's men fires a shot, hitting the vehicle, causing it to tilt at a precarious angle.
EVENT:   As everybody scrambles to balance themselves, you see Han grab the edge of the ship with his hands, and is hanging over the edge. But, a few seconds later, they show him hanging by his feet! If you watch carefully, when he goes out of view, you can see his shadow, and he begins to pull himself up, and flip around to hang by his feet! And maybe it's the author's imagination, but right afterwards when Chewie grabs Han's feet, it appears to take him several seconds in which there is nothing at all preventing Han from falling.


Luke's Bum Hand 0h 33m 59s
0h 34m 43s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle on the sail barge.
EVENT:   Luke is on the deck and his hand gets shot. His hand then appears charred and scarred, and if you pause the picture for the frames just before he's hit, you will see that his hand is already burned. The next time we see his hand is when he is running to get the fallen rope so that he and Leia could swing to safety. During this shot, Luke's damaged hand looks perfectly fine. About a second later, when he actually grabs the rope, we see a damaged hand again. And when the pair actually swings across, his hand is fine again. Finally we see that his hand looks really bad when he is leaving Tatooine in his X-Wing.

Concealing Make-Up 0h 34m 03s
0h 34m 47s SE
    SCENE:   Luke orders Leia to point the giant laser canon at the deck of the sail barge.
EVENT:   Leia runs from the right of the screen to the left, and turns her back to us. As she does so, notice her right lower back. She has a very noticeable brown birthmark there.

Later on, when Luke and Leia swing from the sail barge to the waiting skiff, you can tell this is a stunt double, as the birthmark is no longer there.


Pulling The Droid 0h 34m 04s
0h 34m 48s SE
    SCENE:   After Artoo rescues Threepio from Salacious Crumb.
EVENT:   Threepio says the line "Well, I can't possibly . . ." and then Artoo pushes Threepio off of the edge. If you look closely, you can see several wires actually pulling Threepio off of the skiff.

Luke's Ventriloquist Talents 0h 34m 10s
0h 34m 54s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Leia are about to swing to the skiff.
EVENT:   You can hear Luke yell "Come on," to Leia, and yet his lips do not move at all. Luke only gestures.

Hold On 0h 34m 16s
0h 35m 00s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Leia swing away from the soon to be destroyed Sail Barge.
EVENT:   Leia grabs hold of her brother as they swing to safety. In the first set of angles she has her right arm resting on Luke's chest, and her left arm around Luke's back. But as they swing, her arms have magically changed positions. Her right arm is now clutching the rope, and her left arm is now around Luke's neck.

Impossible Swing 0h 34m 16s
0h 35m 00s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Leia swing away from the soon to be destroyed Sail Barge.
EVENT:   The swing that they take is physically impossible as there is no focal point for the rope to be attached to. You can tell by the angles from when they leave, and when they land, that the rope is attached to a point somewhere between the skiff and the sail barge. Only there is nothing there for it to be attached to.


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