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Updated: February 20, 2000

Disappearing TIE Fighters 0h 35m 44s
0h 36m 28s
    SCENE:   Just before the Emperor's shuttle lands on the Death Star, and the Imperial fleet is flying in formation outside the docking bay.
EVENT:   A stream of TIE fighters are circling the Death Star in a parade formation. In the first few seconds of this scene, two TIE fighter squadrons fly out from behind the camera towards the main group. Watch the first squadron. Just before it joins up with the main group, and just a moment before the scene ends, the squadron disappears from the picture.

Big Step For The Empire 0h 37m 07s
0h 37m 51s SE
    SCENE:   The Emperor has landed on the Death Star and he speaks with Vader as they walk past the legions of troops.
EVENT:   At the very end of their conversation, we are tight on the Emperor. He is walking past a series of grey suited officers. But when we instantly cut to a wide angle shot, they are now in front of rows of stormtroopers.

Bad Briefing 0h 46m 38s
0h 47m 22s SE
    SCENE:   During Mon Mothma's briefing regarding the Death Star in orbit of the moon of Endor.
EVENT:   The lights darken and a hologram of the moon and the Death Star erupt in the middle of the room. When the hologram begins, the Death Star orbits the moon of Endor in a counter-clockwise motion. It starts on the far side of the moon. During all subsequent shots of the hologram, the Death Star orbits in a clockwise direction.

Lando's Moving Gun Belt 0h 49m 29s
0h 50m 13s SE
    SCENE:   When Han and Lando are talking in the rebel hanger right before the strike team departs in the stolen Imperial shuttle.
EVENT:   Lando's gun belt across his chest changes sides during his conversation with Han during the different shots making up this scene.

Fly Casual, Not Quick 0h 53m 18s
0h 54m 02s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes wait nervously in the stolen shuttle to see if their code passes to get past the Death Star's shields.
EVENT:   Take note of the position of the shuttle and the Star Destroyer's bridge. The shots are very inconsistent in showing the position of the shuttle in relation to the bridge. We get a shot from a distance away, where the shuttle is almost past the bridge of the Star Destroyer. Later, we get a shot from inside the cockpit, and they are just passing the bridge. Then finally, we get another far away shot showing them in virtually the same position they were . . . well past the bridge of the Star Destroyer.

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