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Updated: February 20, 2000

Too Quick Hot Shot 0h 55m 03s
0h 55m 47s SE
    SCENE:   The rebels have just landed on Endor and Han tries to take out the biker scouts.
EVENT:   Han attempts to sneak up behind a trooper but steps on a twig alerting him to Solo's presence. The scout quickly turns and swats Han in the face. If you watch closely or watch frame by frame, you'll notice that Han actually begins to recoil from the hit, before the scout even touches him.

Waiting For Han 0h 55m 32s
0h 56m 16s SE
    SCENE:   Han's failed attempt to ambush the Imperials results in a fight.
EVENT:   Two troopers leave on speeder bikes, and Luke and Leia follow. The camera comes back on Han. Notice in the very bottom right of the screen and you can see the trooper Han has been fighting with, and he is standing and waiting for his cue to re-enter the fight.

See-Through Speeders 0h 56m 06s
0h 56m 50s SE
    SCENE:   Leia and Luke are chasing the fleeing imperial troops on speeder bikes.
EVENT:   You can actually see through the speeder bikes and their pilots, and see the forest scene behind them. This is very similar to the snow speeder bloopers from Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back.

This is best seen during the scene where Luke jumps from Leia's speeder to an Imperial speeder. It is also quite noticeable during the shots leading up to that when we have a high rear view of the back of the speeder bikes.


Luke's Confused About His Hand 0h 58m 02s
0h 58m 46s SE
    SCENE:   During the Speeder Bike chase right before Luke jumps off his speeder that is about to crash.
EVENT:   In three shots, Luke's glove (covering his robotic hand) is on his right hand. In the next shot it is on his left, and back to his right again in the third shot. The shots featuring this are taken from Luke's left hand side just after Leia jumps off her damaged speeder.

Magic Spear 0h 59m 56s
1h 0m 40s SE
    SCENE:   Leia is laying on the ground unconscious and Wicket the Ewok has just discovered her.
EVENT:   As Wicket approaches Leia, watch his spear. In the shots from in front of the Ewok, his spear is visibly in front of the hood over his face. When the camera angle changes to a shot from over his shoulder, his spear is underneath the hood.

Fast Food 1h 0m 43s
1h 1m 27s SE
    SCENE:   Princess Leia and Wicket are getting to know each other on the log.
EVENT:   Leia asks Wicket if he wants some food. She holds it out to him in her left hand. However, in the next shot, the food has switched hands, and is now in her right.

Leia's Deja Vu 1h 1m 02s
1h 1m 46s SE
    SCENE:   During the initial encounter with Wicket the Ewok and Leia after she regains consciousness from her fall off of the speeder bike.
EVENT:   Leia sits down on a log and takes her helmet off. We cut to another angle that clearly shows it removed from her head. We then cut back to a closer shot, and she's taking it off again.
NOTES:   This blooper is best viewed on the letterboxed editions as you see the helmet off of her head only on the extreme left of the screen.

Self Destruct 1h 2m 24s
1h 3m 08s SE
    SCENE:   Imperial troops have discovered Leia and Wicket slashes his foot.
EVENT:   A second trooper boards his speeder and tries to escape. Leia shoots his speeder and it crashes into a parked speeder. If you watch this sequence in slow motion, the speeder it crashes into explodes a few frames before it is actually hit.

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