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Updated: February 20, 2000

Rebel In Disguise 1h 32m 14s
1h 32m 58s SE
    SCENE:   When the rebels are planting charges in the bunker but get interrupted by the Imperials.
EVENT:   The rebels are escorted outside and we get a wide sweeping shot of the captured rebels in the forest, from left to right. You can see a circle of Stormtroopers around another stormtrooper with his helmet off. This person is a rebel in disguise.


Blaster Misfire 1h 33m 41s
1h 34m 25s SE
    SCENE:   The ground battle on Endor has just begun and Leia runs to the bunker as the doors close.
EVENT:   Watch carefully because just after Leia enters the screen on the right hand side, she fires a shot. It smokes, but there is neither colour nor sound from the weapon.

Then Just Kill The Emperor 1h 40m 22s
1h 41m 06s SE
    SCENE:   The Emperor is taunting Luke and Luke calls his lightsaber to his hand.
EVENT:   Luke turns on his lightsaber and takes a swing at the Emperor. Vader ignites his saber and blocks the swing. However, when the camera cuts to a shot of the two lightsaber blades crossed in front of the Emperor, you will see that Luke's green lightsaber blade is behind Vader's. Therefore, it is closer to the Emperor and he should have been able to strike him down.

Unfamiliar Face 1h 40m 45s
1h 41m 29s SE
    SCENE:   Chewbacca and two Ewoks swing onto a two-legged AT-ST walker.
EVENT:   Chewie climbs on an AT-ST and tosses out the occupants. One of these men is really the late Richard Marquand, the film's director, and the other is allegedly notable, but his identity has not been verified as of this date.


Grabby Han 1h 42m 50s
1h 43m 34s SE
    SCENE:   Although not a blooper, this scene is when Leia gets shot outside the Imperial bunker.
EVENT:   Leia leans back, and Han rushes over to see if she is okay. While pushing her out of the line of fire, his right hand grabs Leia's left breast.


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