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Updated: February 20, 2000

Fashion Fix 1h 43m 35s
1h 44m 19s SE
    SCENE:   During the lightsaber battle after Leia gets shot.
EVENT:   Luke and Vader are in the heat of battle. You will notice that Vader's cape is draped behind his left shoulder. However, in the very next shot Vader's cape is now back OVER his shoulder and not behind it.

Vader's Saber Casts A Shadow 1h 43m 51s
1h 44m 35s SE
    SCENE:   During Luke and Vader's lightsaber battle in the Emperor's Throne Room on board the Death Star.
EVENT:   You can see a shadow of Vader's lightsaber on the floor, just after Luke knocks Vader down the stairs in front of the Emperor, and Vader gets up.

More Saber Shadows 1h 44m 26s
1h 45m 10s SE
    SCENE:   Just after Vader says, "You are unwise to lower your defences."
EVENT:   Vader strikes at Luke and you can notice the shadow of a lightsaber on the stairs leading to the Emperor's chair.

Quick Saber 1h 44m 40s
1h 45m 24s SE
    SCENE:   Luke does a backflip to avoid Vader and jumps into the centre of a ring of computer terminals.
EVENT:   Vader walks towards Luke and puts his saber in the gap between two computer terminals. The camera cuts to another angle behind Vader, and his lightsaber is no longer visible anywhere near the terminals.

Watch The Hair 1h 44m 42s
1h 45m 26s SE
    SCENE:   In the Emperor's Throne Room during the duel between Luke and Vader, there is a scene where Luke does a somersault jump to a floor above where he originally was.
EVENT:   If you look at the hair of Luke jumping, you will notice that the stunt double's hair is much more blonde than Mark Hamill's.


Wacky Lightsaber 1h 45m 08s
1h 45m 52s SE
    SCENE:   Luke has jumped up to a catwalk to avoid Vader.
EVENT:   Vader says "then you will meet your destiny," and tosses his lightsaber up at Luke. Watch the toss in slow motion and as the lightsaber crosses in front of Luke, you can see that the lightsaber blade is actually coming out of the "handle" end of the lightsaber hilt.

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