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Updated: February 20, 2000

Quick Reflexes 1h 46m 12s
1h 46m 56s SE
    SCENE:   The Imperials are fooled into leaving the bunker and they joyfully run out into the clearing.
EVENT:   Han is leaning against the right wall of the bunker. After all the Imperials have exited the building, Han runs behind them into the centre of the screen. At the end of this wide shot, Han glances to our left. The camera immediately cuts to a close up of Han who is now facing forward again.

Where Did Vader Get Luke's Lightsaber? 1h 47m 20s
1h 48m 04s SE
    SCENE:   On the Death Star when Luke is hiding from Vader, and Vader is walking through the shadows trying to draw Luke out.
EVENT:   During the scene in which Vader says, "If YOU will not turn to the dark side, then perhaps she will," he is holding Luke's lightsaber in his left hand.
NOTES:   The reason behind this blooper can be found by reading early drafts of the script, or the novelization based upon that script. A few key scenes were deleted. After Luke says, "I will not fight you father", he symbolically throws his lightsaber aside. Vader uses the force to call it to him while he searches the shadows for his son. And after Vader taunts Luke with threats to his sister, and Luke yells, "NEVER!" he calls his lightsaber back to him with the force.

More Saber Shadows 1h 47m 52s
1h 48m 36s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Vader are ferociously battling and Luke is forcing Vader backwards.
EVENT:   The battle is first seen behind a flight of stairs and in front of a circular window. We then cut to an angle in which we look down upon the battle. The sabers once again cast quite noticeable shadows on the floor. This is scene right before Luke cuts Vader's hand off.

Blast Protection 1h 49m 13s
1h 49m 57s SE
    SCENE:   As the bunker on Endor is about to explode from the charges the rebels have set.
EVENT:   As everyone is running away from the bunker, Han calls out "Move! Move!" As he runs away from the building, the second time he calls out "MOVE!" you can see Han's reflection behind him running in opposite direction.
NOTES:   This has been speculated as to happening because there is a sheet of Plexiglas between Han and the explosion used to protect the actors in case of an accident. However, the explosion happens during a different cut, and was maybe just reflection off of an extra lens on the camera.

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