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Updated: February 20, 2000

Cleaning Service 1h 51m 21s
1h 52m 05s SE
    SCENE:   The Emperor is shocking Luke with electricity from his fingertips.
EVENT:   Vader watches the action unfold from his position beside the Emperor. During different camera shots of Vader, his helmet is sometimes shown cleaner than other times.

Elongated Arm 1h 51m 50s
1h 52m 34s SE
    SCENE:   Vader has just saved his son by tosses the Emperor into the reactor shaft.
EVENT:   Vader tosses the Emperor and then collapses on some barrels next to the railing. Look at Vader's arm - the one with the severed hand. His arm is bent at the forearm in a way that arms just don't bend. This is because the actor's hand was inside an "elongated" arm to simulate it being chopped off. The actor was unable to keep his wrist straight, thus giving the appearance of a bent forearm.

Vader Changed Helmets 1h 56m 12s
1h 56m 56s SE
    SCENE:   Luke drags Vader's dying body to the ramp of a shuttle and Vader insists that his helmet be taken off.
EVENT:   When Luke removes the top of the helmet and the "face" portion of the helmet, the mouthpiece area is still there. When Luke lowers his head in memory of his father's passing, Anakin's head is visible in the foreground on the extreme left of the screen, but this time, the mouthpiece that was there before is now gone.

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