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Updated: February 20, 2000

Magic Lightsaber 0h 9m 21s
0h 9m 31s SE
    SCENE:   Luke narrowly escapes from the Wampa creature in his cave on Hoth.
EVENT:   After Luke cuts off the Wampa's arm, he runs out of the cave with his lightsaber still lit. However, as he runs out, you can hear the tell tale sound of a lightsaber retracting, but the lightsaber is quite visibly on.

Change Of Uniform 0h 10m 29s
0h 10m 39s SE
    SCENE:   Luke runs out of the cave of the Wampa.
EVENT:   Luke runs out of the cave and stumbles for the first time, and lies down on his back. The rank insignia badge (and it may be tough to see), which is normally on his right breast, is now on his left.

Automatic Doors 0h 11m 37s
0h 11m 47s SE
    SCENE:   Han and Luke are missing on the ice fields of Hoth while Leia and Chewie worry about the pair.
EVENT:   Two rebel officers approach Leia and inform her that it's late and the shield doors must be closed. The officer barely has time to give the order when you can see the doors begin to close over Chewie's shoulder on the right of the screen, but the doors make no sound. We cut to a wider shot of Chewie and the doors, but the doors are motionless. Then, the doors begin to close--FOR A SECOND TIME--but at least this time, they make the appropriate sound.

Mirrored Han 0h 13m 49s
0h 13m 59s SE
    SCENE:   Han is trying to keep a dying Luke warm and is building shelter.
EVENT:   Just as Han says, "This may smell bad kid..." look at his rank insignia badge, as it has been flipped over to the other side of his chest during the medium close-up.

Need Soundproof Doors 0h 16m 02s
0h 16m 12s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is recovering in the rebel sick bay on Hoth after enduring the Bacta tank therapy.
EVENT:   Luke is lying in his bed when Han and the others come to visit him. Listen closely, as you can hear Han say, "How ya feelin' kid?" even before the doors to sick bay open. About two or three words are spoken before the hiss of the doors is heard.

Everybody Knows Your Name 0h 23m 17s
0h 23m 27s SE
    SCENE:   Leia is briefing the rebel pilots of the evacuation procedures.
EVENT:   A character named Major Derlin claps his hands and orders everyone to their stations when Leia finishes speaking. John Ratzenberger, who is better known as Cliff Claven off of the North American NBC comedy Cheers, played this character.


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