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Updated: February 20, 2000

Transparent Speeders 0h 25m 38s
0h 25m 48s SE
    SCENE:   Any scene featuring a shot from inside of a snow speeder.
EVENT:   Because of problems the special effects team had with matting in the snow speeders on the white backgrounds of Hoth, you can actually see through the cockpit and windshield supports of the speeders. This is especially noticeable during the battle of Hoth, when the speeders are weaving through the legs of the AT-AT walkers.
NOTES:   This has been somewhat fixed for the Special Editions.

A Change Of Weather 0h 25m 53s
0h 26m 03s SE
    SCENE:   During outdoor scenes during the battle of Hoth.
EVENT:   Watch the sky closely during all the different shots during the battle. From shot to shot, the weather actually changes. In some shots, the sky is blue, and totally clear of clouds, then clear with some clouds, then very grey and overcast. This all appears instantly from camera shot to shot.

Shadowless Speeder 0h 27m 34s
0h 27m 44s SE
    SCENE:   Wedge's speeder attacks an AT-AT after Luke loses his gunner.
EVENT:   Wedge's gunner, Janson, fires his harpoon at a leg of one of the AT-AT's. During the first shot of this sequence, their snow speeder casts a shadow on the snowy surface below. But during all other shots of this sequence, there is no shadow to be found.


Side Stepping AT-AT 0h 31m 23s
0h 31m 33s SE
    SCENE:   Luke climbs up to the belly of an AT-AT and places an explosive inside of it.
EVENT:   After Luke sets the explosive, he falls to the ground to watch the walker's destruction. The AT-AT visibly and audibly takes only one step before the charge goes off. However, Luke, still down on the ground is MUCH further away from the walker than one step.

Broomstick Legs 0h 31m 33s
0h 31m 43s SE
    SCENE:   Luke places a charge in the belly of an AT-AT and it's about to explode.
EVENT:   The camera cuts to a shot from low and in front of the AT-AT. Watch the AT-AT's rear left leg. Just before it falls, you can see a stick pop up from the ground to tip the leg, and eventually the entire AT-AT over.

Luke Needs Glasses 0h 34m 10s
0h 34m 20s SE
    SCENE:   Han pounds a panel on the Falcon's control panel, bringing its systems to life, and our heroes escape the attacked rebel base.
EVENT:   The camera shows Luke outside the base and he watches the Falcon as it escapes. Unfortunately, the effect was not timed up with Luke's movements, and his head actually moves consistently ahead of the Falcon's movements.


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