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Updated: February 20, 2000

Black Artoo 0h 34m 45s
Fixed in SE
    SCENE:   Any scene featuring Artoo in space, in the back of Luke's X-Wing.
EVENT:   Artoo's normally blue panelling is black. This is due to a special effect known as blue screening, where anything in the shot coloured blue, is replaced by something else. In this case, it's the blackness of space.

Amazing What You Find In Space ?
    SCENE:   Han rushes up to the cockpit of the Falcon as they begin to enter the asteroid field.
EVENT:   Special Effects crews at Industrial Light and Magic have often placed little "inside jokes" that are too small to be seen in the final cuts. In the asteroid belt sequence, one of the asteroids is actually a potato. There is no actual confirmation of which one or if it is even visible in the final cut but what follows is an educated guess.

When Chewie and Han come up to the cockpit right after the line, "That was no laser blast, something hit us". Han sits down, and then it shows out the window of the Falcon and you see asteroids. Two asteroids come across the front of the window, from top left to bottom right. It is thought that perhaps one of these could be the potato.


TIE Pilot Up In Smoke 0h 37m 23s
0h 37m 33s SE
    SCENE:   The Falcon first enters the asteroid field, and an asteroid hits the first TIE fighter.
EVENT:   Supposedly another one of these little jokes the special effects crew made was creating a scene where a TIE Fighter pilot is visible in a ball of flame after his ship is blown up. In the centre of the explosion you can see the pilot, on fire, spinning from the centre of the screen to the lower left. It is a lot easier to find this scene in the letterboxed versions.


Han The Ventriloquist 0h 43m 53s
0h 44m 03s SE
    SCENE:   Han and Leia in the cockpit of the Falcon while they were in the belly of the space slug.
EVENT:   After a small tremor, Leia falls back into Han's arms. After a brief exchange, Leia says, "Captain, being held by you is hardly enough to get me excited." If you look closely at Han's lips, you'll see that he's saying it with her in unison.

Roaming Hands 0h 49m 47s
0h 49m 57s SE
    SCENE:   Han and Leia are about to engage in a passionate kiss in an alcove of the Falcon.
EVENT:   In the moments leading up to the kiss, Leia and Han are holding hands, or their hands are at least out of the camera's view, below chest level. But when they finally kiss, the camera immediately cuts to a further away shot, and now Leia's hands are draped around Han's neck.

Threepio's Falling Apart 0h 49m 48s
0h 49m 58s SE
    SCENE:   Just as C-3PO walks in on Han and Leia kissing and he taps Han on the shoulder.
EVENT:   The "hydraulic mechanism" attached to his elbow and upper arm becomes detached. If you watch closely, you can see it fall to the floor. Then you can clearly see this "mechanism" protruding out of C-3PO's upper arm, and it is not attached to his elbow anymore.

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