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Updated: February 20, 2000

Over-Eager Effects 0h 54m 48s
0h 54m 58s SE
    SCENE:   The Imperial fleet is bombarding its way through the asteroid field in search of the Falcon.
EVENT:   The lead Star Destroyer is shooting down the large asteroids in its way. The first asteroid, however, actually starts to explode one or two frames before the laser blast actually hits it.

Falcon Falling Apart Again 0h 55m 01s
0h 55m 11s SE
    SCENE:   The Millennium Falcon is inside the space slug and our heroes fear something is outside.
EVENT:   Leia, Han and Chewie go outside to find out what's happening. Look at the wide shots of them outside of the ship. The Falcon is missing it's radar dish, much like it did during the shots in Docking Bay 94 in Star Wars IV: A New Hope.
NOTES:   This is because the full sized ship they built as a prop was only the half of the ship housing the cockpit.

Bad Pilot Skills 1h 3m 37s
1h 3m 47s SE
    SCENE:   Han and company have escaped the space slug and are preparing to enter hyperspace.
EVENT:   Han informs us that they are going to enter hyperspace. We see the shot from the front as Han pulls the lever for the hyperdrive, yet nothing happens. The next shot is shown from behind, and Han's hand still rests on the lever, which, in this shot, has not been pulled.

Don't Forget To Zip Up! 1h 9m 12s
1h 9m 22s SE
    SCENE:   Luke tries unsuccessfully to raise his sinking X-Wing from the swamp on Dagobah using the force.
EVENT:   Yoda scolds our hero and decides to resurrect the ship himself. Luke is sulking off under a tree. Notice his jacket is undone, and hanging loose. After Yoda brings the fighter back up, Luke stares in awe. Notice now, that his jacket is zipped up tight.

Not Dead Yet 1h 10m 18s
1h 10m 28s SE
    SCENE:   Captain Needa travels to the Executor to apologize to Darth Vader.
EVENT:   Vader chokes Needa with the force, and his lifeless body falls to the ground. Two other officers come to dispose of the body. But when they pick him up, the supposedly dead Needa appears to "help" the two in picking him up.

On Or Off? 1h 11m 23s
1h 11m 33s SE
    SCENE:   The Falcon has clamped on to the Star Destroyer, and our heroes talk over their alternatives in the cockpit.
EVENT:   Leia and Han become annoyed with Threepio's chattering, and Leia turns him off. However, if you watch him in the background, you can see his body move as he breathes.


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