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Updated: February 20, 2000

Disappearing Ladder 1h 20m 33s
1h 21m 03s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is preparing to leave Dagobah against Yoda's wishes, and travel to the cloud city of Bespin.
EVENT:   During the entire scene, Luke is loading up his spacecraft for the trip, and you can see a yellow ladder leading up to the cockpit. Luke climbs this ladder to the cockpit. When the camera angle changes, the ladder disappears.

People In Threepio's Head 1h 22m 08s
1h 22m 47s SE
    SCENE:   On Bespin, after C-3PO has been dismembered and his parts are spread on the conveyor belt. Cloud City, C-3PO's parts are on the conveyor belt.
EVENT:   Chewbacca enters the "junk" room to collect the remains of Threepio, and in the close-up scene of Threepio's head on the conveyor belt, you can see a reflection of the camera and several of the crew.

How Does Lando Do That? 1h 23m 35s
1h 24m 14s SE
    SCENE:   After Lando asks if there is a problem with their droid and is escorting Han, Leia and Chewie to dinner.
EVENT:   Lando and Han switch sides from one shot to the next. In one shot, Han is on Leia's right with Lando and her left and in the next shot, as they head down the last bit of the corridor to the dining room, Han is on Leia's left with Lando on her right. Han stays on the left for the remainder of the scene.

Han's Change Of Clothes 1h 31m 01s
1h 31m 43s SE
    SCENE:   During the scenes when Han is about to be frozen in Carbonite.
EVENT:   Before he is lowered into the freezing chamber, he has shackles and straps around the upper part of his arms, which holds them to his body. The shackles are removed by an Ugnaught, but the strap is not. However, in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, when he is unfrozen, he no longer has the strap on his arms.

Furthermore, in the same scenes, for far away shots, Han is wearing the white shirt that he entered the room in. For the close up shots, he is wearing his vest.

Also worth noting is that his shirt is untucked before he is frozen, but tucked in when he is thawed.

And finally, upon close inspection, you will notice that he is wearing a double breasted shirt when he is thawed in Jabba's palace, but is wearing a tunic style shirt when he is frozen on Bespin.


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