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Updated: February 20, 2000

Vader's Uncoloured Saber 1h 36m 02s
1h 46m 39s SE
    SCENE:   Before Vader ignites his saber for the first time in Cloud City.
EVENT:   If you watch the seconds before he turns on his lightsaber, you can clearly see the actual uncoloured rod of the lightsaber. However, it isn't white like in the first film but dark grey, which blends in against Vader's costume and the dark lighting conditions of the Bespin carbon freezing room.

The best way to see it is to wait until he ignites his saber and then rewind the film with your eye on where the lightsaber was and it should be quite easy to see.
NOTES:   It is worthy to taking note how the rod of the lightsaber is aimed almost directly at the camera so that the least possible surface area of the rod is shown to the camera. This also helps show the effect of the actor tilting the lightsaber away from himself to simulate extension.


Lightsaber Pass-Through 1h 39m 43s
1h 40m 20s SE
    SCENE:   Luke jumps out of the carbon freeze chamber and grabs hold of the cabling above.
EVENT:   When Luke jumps back down, he grabs one of the sliced cables, which is spewing vapour, and shoots that into Vader's face. Luke then commands his lightsaber to his hand and re-engages combat with Vader.

When Vader says, "release your anger, only your hatred can destroy me", we cut to a shot from behind Luke, low, and to his left. Luke swings his saber at Vader, colliding with Vader's saber. Luke's saber is on Luke's left-hand side of Vader's.

We then cut to a shot from over Vader's right shoulder. The lightsabers are still locked together, but now Luke's saber is on Luke's right hand side of Vader's.


A Helping Hand 1h 40m 02s
1h 40m 39s SE
    SCENE:   Just after Luke knocks Vader off the deck in the carbon freezing chamber.
EVENT:   After Vader falls, Luke walks around a large machine and doesn't shut his saber off, you can see him reach back and trade for a hilt with a hidden stagehand. You can even see the uncoloured rod swing back out into view for a moment. You can see it for a split second between Luke's back, and the grappler that pulled out the frozen Han Solo.

Trampolines Aboard Cloud City 1h 40m 07s
1h 40m 44s SE
    SCENE:   When Luke is fighting Vader. After he knocks Vader off the edge, and jumps down behind him.
EVENT:   If you look and listen closely, you hear him hit a trampoline-like device. Then, his head magically reappears at the bottom of the screen, for a brief moment.


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