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Updated: February 20, 2000

Chewbacca Wearing Boots? 1h 41m 49s
1h 42m 26s SE
    SCENE:   Lando, Leia and Chewie have just missed rescuing Han from Boba Fett, and are running back to the Millennium Falcon.
EVENT:   The gang round a corner, and Leia stops to take a shot at some stormtroopers who are pursuing. The rest of them run into a door, and if you take notice, you will see the white sole of boots on the bottom of Chewie's feet.


Ice Cream Break 1h 42m 28s
1h 43m 05s SE
    SCENE:   After Lando announces on the public address system that the city is under Imperial rule.
EVENT:   Chaos breaks out, and people run everywhere. In one of the hallways, a man with a light brown tunic runs by. He is carrying an ice cream maker from George Lucas' home.


Well Trained Troops 1h 42m 49s
1h 43m 26s SE
    SCENE:   Chewie takes cover around a corner on the Cloud City while stormtroopers fire at him.
EVENT:   Two shots come at Chewie during this sequence. The first one hits the wall and leaves a black charred hole. A second shot comes seconds after and hits the EXACT same spot on the wall. Talk about accuracy.


Disappearing Troopers 1h 43m 10s
1h 43m 47s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes are running to the landing platform of the Millennium Falcon and Artoo is shooting smoke to hide their escape.
EVENT:   On the other side of the door to the platform, two stormtroopers appear and begin to fire at our heroes. Chewbacca shoots one trooper, who falls to the ground. The camera then closes in on Chewie as he fires at the remaining trooper. The trooper that he shot just moments before is no longer lying on the ground.

Do It Again Artoo 1h 43m 13s
1h 43m 50s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes have made it to the platform where the Falcon is landed.
EVENT:   Artoo opens the door to the platform, and rolls out towards the ship. We see a few shots of our heroes shooting down troopers, and then, Artoo spouts out some smoke as a distraction, and rolls out onto the platform again.

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