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Updated: February 20, 2000

Disappearing Lightsaber 1h 44m 27s
1h 45m 04s SE
    SCENE:   Vader is battling Luke and forcing him out onto the thin catwalk over the huge shaft.
EVENT:   As the two move out of the room, out the door, watch Vader's lightsaber. As it swings, you can see it disappear several times. This is due either to the saber going behind the matte painting, or the effects crew just forgetting to colour the saber.

Exploding Railing 1h 44m 50s
1h 45m 27s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Vader are duelling on the catwalk above the shaft on Bespin.
EVENT:   Vader's ferocious onslaught is forcing Luke backwards. Vader takes a very aggressive swing towards our hero and chops through a railing. You will notice however a hole in the railing exactly where Vader swings. When this scene is viewed in normal time however, it gives the illusion that Vader sliced through the metal railing

Stealth Lightsaber 1h 45m 09s
1h 45m 26s SE
    SCENE:   Luke and Vader are on the catwalk over the airshaft on Bespin, just after Vader says " . . . don't make me destroy you." and before the line " . . . you do not yet realize your importance . . ."
EVENT:   Vader's lightsaber has been ignited up until this point. As the scene changes between a shot of Vader from the torso up, to a shot of Luke from over Vader's shoulder, Vader's saber has been mysteriously turned off. It does not make the characteristic sound of a lightsaber being retracted. In fact, you could even hear the hum of his saber until the camera angle changes, and then the sound abruptly disappears.

Insecure Helmet 1h 46m 01s
1h 46m 38s SE
    SCENE:   On the catwalk after Vader says the line "Search your feelings, you know it be true."
EVENT:   Look at Vader's helmet. It is moving noticeably in the wind of the shaft.


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