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Updated: February 20, 2000

I Thought Luke Lost That Hand 1h 46m 53s
1h 47m 30s SE
    SCENE:   When Luke is tumbling in the airshaft after leaping away from Darth Vader.
EVENT:   There is a very short scene just before he gets dropped out the bottom of the Cloud City where you can see his right hand, which should have been sliced off just moments before by Darth Vader.

City Of Lights 1h 49m 22s
Fixed in SE
    SCENE:   Leia senses Luke's trouble, and the Falcon goes back to Bespin to rescue him.
EVENT:   Leia manoeuvres the Falcon underneath Luke, and Lando opens the top hatch to pull him in. Remembering it's sunset, AND they are underneath the floating city, the light is nearly blinding as the top hatch opens. However, it was quite dark during every other external shot of underneath the city.

Backwards Piett 1h 50m 49s
1h 52m 01s SE
    SCENE:   In the scene where Darth Vader asks Piett, "Did your men disable the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive?"
EVENT:   Piett's rank insignia switches from the left side to the right side of his uniform.
NOTES:   After Piett is promoted from Captain to Admiral, his rank insignia is upgraded from three red and three blue bars to six bars. However, throughout Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, his insignia is three red and blue bars, though he is still has the same rank of Admiral. Also during this scene you will notice that sometimes the blue rank insignia on Piett's chest are sometimes coloured black. This is most probably due to the "blue screening" special effect, where everything that is one shade of blue is replaced in postproduction with another background. In this case, it is space outside the window, and that is what we are seeing. This is visible on several occasions during Star Wars VI: Return Of The Jedi as well, on the bridge of the Executor.

Juggling Threepio 1h 52m 44s
1h 53m 56s SE
    SCENE:   Our heroes struggle to fix the Falcon's hyperdrive as fast as possible.
EVENT:   Artoo rolls off to fix the hyperdrive, and a one-legged Threepio stands in a hallway begging to be fixed. He is holding his severed leg by the knee, with the foot closest to the floor. When the camera cuts back to him several shots later, he is holding it by the foot, with the knee closest to the ground.

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