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Updated: February 20, 2000

The Disappearing Friend 0h 54m 40s
    SCENE:   We get a wide view of Mos Espa as the crowds work their way to the Podrace arena as Darth Maul's Sith Probes search for the Jedi.
BLOOPER:   Notice in the centre of the picture, two men walking towards the camera talking to each other. They appear to be wearing some sort of conventional space suit. We then get a few cuts, then a medium close up of one of these spacemen as the probe weaves its way through the crowd. But, this spaceman is now alone, but is still talking to his friend, who has been digitally removed from the film so as not to get in the way of the Sith Probe in the crowd.

The Disappearing Droid 0h 56m 59s
    SCENE:   The Podrace opening flap ceremony.
BLOOPER:   As the flag bearers work their way across the screen, we see that C-3PO is holding Anakin's blue and white flag, and is the third person in the procession. Later on, when the race is about to begin, the track clears, and the flag bearers are leaving on the left of the screen. Neither Threepio, or Anakin's blue and white flag can be seen at all, let alone in the position it was just a few moments before.

The Rotating Viewscreen 0h 58m 59s
    SCENE:   Anakin's mother and our heroes get into their viewing box, which rises up above the race course.
BLOOPER:   Take notice of Anakin's mother, and the viewscreen she is holding. It has two handles that appear to be made of some sort of bone. During all the far away shots, she is holding the viewscreen by these bone handles. But when we look at the viewscreen from her point of view, these handles are nowhere to be seen.

Levitating Head 1h 0m 53s
    SCENE:   Anakin is just about to complete his first lap in the podrace.
BLOOPER:   As Anakin zooms by in his podracer, we get a shot of Threepio, Artoo, and Anakin's friend. Look at Artoo's head. It's actually raising and lowering from his body slightly in the excitement.

Self-Cleaning Podracer 1h 2m 26s
    SCENE:   Anakin and Sebulba are battling for position on their last lap and are just about to enter a cave.
BLOOPER:   Take a look at Anakin's face when we get close ups of him before entering the cave. In one shot, his face is dirty and covered in soot. In the next close up shot, his face is perfectly clean.

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