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Updated: February 20, 2000

Wrong Ear Obi-Wan 1h 7m 53s
    SCENE:   Obi-Wan voices his concerns with picking up another "useless life form."
BLOOPER:   Obi-Wan's Jedi braid which is normally hanging from behind his right ear, is now hanging from behind his left ear. This however is NOT a result of the film being flipped in post-production, because you will notice that Obi-Wan has a mole on his cheek that has not flipped sides like his braid has. So the make-up artist just put the braid behind the wrong ear.
This is also a good time to note that Obi-Wan has two distinct hairstyles which alternate throughout the movie, sometimes within the same scene! One is fairly long and spiky, and darker. The other is shorter, feathered a bit, and reddish. As well, the coloured bands on the braid are at different points. It is probably that all the "reddish" shots were pickup shots filmed after principal filming was finished because Ewan's face is also chubbier in these shots. It has been rumoured that because Ewan was beginning to film his next movie and had changed his hairstyle, that a wig had to be commissioned to get the needed shots.
Some of these shots include, but are not limited to: "Master! Destroyers!" "It's not my place to disagree with you about the boy," and while greeting Palpatine and the council as they get off their ship near the end.

Hiding In The Shadows 1h 11m 29s
    SCENE:   Qui-Gon is taking Anakin away to Coruscant for his Jedi training.
BLOOPER:   We see a shot of Anakin's mother standing quite far away from their hut, and in fairly bright sunlight. We cut to Anakin who is walking away, but stops and turns around to look at his mother. As Anakin runs back to give her a hug, we see his mother standing in the shadows right next to the door to her hut, and then runs out to her previous position. However she is still in shadows when she moves there.

Magic Shirt 1h 11m 57s
    SCENE:   Anakin and his mother are sharing a last moment before he journeys to Coruscant.
BLOOPER:   Anakin's shirt collar changes position between several shots from being high up on his neck, to further down. This is most noticeable because the necklace he is wearing is more noticeable in some shots than others.

Faulty Lightsaber 1h 13m 55s
    SCENE:   Qui-Gon barely escapes from a battle with Darth Maul on Tatooine.
BLOOPER:   Darth Maul watches as Qui-Gon and the Queen escape in her royal starship. As Darth Maul looks up into the sky, he lowers his lightsaber down to his side. Notice the end of the lightsaber that he had NOT engaged. The area where the lightsaber blade would come out has no hole in it, and is totally solid, and is obviously a totally different prop than used later in the movie when both blades are used.

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