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Updated: February 20, 2000

Jar Jar The Tourist 1h 17m 57s
    SCENE:   The Queen's royal starship has landed at Coruscant and Senator Palpatine is leading the entourage from the platform.
BLOOPER:   Watch Jar Jar in the background. He is standing in front of one of the Coruscant guards, which is standing at attention. Jar Jar is waving his hand in front of the motionless guard's face much like tourists do to the guards in front of Buckingham Palace in England.

Senator E.T. 1h 24m 45s
    SCENE:   Queen Amidala has expressed concern for the Senate's handling of Naboo's situation.
BLOOPER:   Right after she calls for a vote of no confidence, we will see a shot of Chancellor Vallorum sitting down. Right after this shot, in the bottom left hand corner of the picture, we see a pod containing a delegation of three E.T. aliens, from the Steven Spielberg picture of the same name.

Palpatine - Movie Prop Collector 1h 27m 49s
    SCENE:   Inside Palpatine's residence when he informs the Queen of his nomination for Supreme Chancellor.
BLOOPER:   Right before the Queen surprises him by saying she will be returning to Naboo we watch the picture pan from left to right. Between Palpatine and the Queen, sitting on a shelf in the middle of the picture, you can see a replica of The Maltese Falcon--arguably the most famous and expensive movie prop of all time.

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