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Updated: February 20, 2000

The Falcon's Not Finished Yet 0h 50m 01s
0h 52m 23s SE
    SCENE:   Chewbacca escorts Luke, Ben, Threepio and Artoo into Docking Bay 94 for their first glimpse of the Falcon.
EVENT:   The camera pans from the left of the screen where our heroes enter, to the right, where the Falcon is parked. Take note of the top right of the screen. The Falcon is missing its trademark radar dish.

Fuzzy Dice 0h 50m 20s
0h 52m 42s SE
    SCENE:   The scene is in the docking bay at Mos Eisley, and Chewbacca boards the Millennium Falcon.
EVENT:   When Chewbacca enters the cockpit to sit down, he brushes his head on two small objects hanging from the ceiling which resemble a pair of dice. These dice are never seen again throughout the trilogy.


Again And Again And Again 0h 50m 47s
0h 53m 09s SE
    SCENE:   Stormtroopers barge into the docking bay at Mos Eisley in an attempt to stop the Millennium Falcon's escape.
EVENT:   The troopers come into the docking bay, and one of them yells "Stop that ship." We cut to a shot of Chewbacca, and then back to the entryway of the docking bay. A trooper in the centre of the screen, at the back, and running from left to right begins to fall when a shot hits the ceiling directly above him. He falls down on his knees, and then on his face. We cut to a shot of Han, then back to the troopers. We just see the blast hit the ceiling, and the same trooper is already falling to the ground. Again we cut to Han, and then back to the troopers, where we see, yet again, the same blast hit the ceiling, and the same trooper falling to the ground.

Millennium Falcon's Stowaway 0h 51m 22s
0h 53m 28s SE
    SCENE:   After Han runs into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon during the firefight with the stormtroopers in the Mos Eisley docking bay.
EVENT:   Behind Han and Chewie, there is a person with a green shirt standing in the corridor. A few seconds later he moves out of the shot.

NOTES:   This may be Ben Kenobi's back, using a cut from a scene later in the movie, such as when they make the jump to light speed a moment later. This blooper is only found in the letterboxed movie.

The Falcon's Windows 0h 51m 29s
0h 53m 35s SE
    SCENE:   Any shot with the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.
EVENT:   There is an inconsistency in the number of "window frames" in the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. The cockpit features a single circular window facing front, with a rim of windows immediately around that, surrounded by more windows. It is the first rim of windows that has the inconsistency--when we see from inside the cockpit, there are only three windows, with window frames as so:

However, when we see an exterior shot of the Falcon, this rim is divided into quarters, as so:


It's A Hunk Of Junk 0h 51m 33s
0h 53m 39s SE
    SCENE:   The Falcon has just blasted out of the spaceport, and Han realizes that there are two Star Destroyers in pursuit.
EVENT:   Han is sitting in the cockpit and says the line "Stay sharp. Two coming in." Han gets up and checks the NavaComputer. When he sits back down he grabs part of the "dashboard" as he sits. When he does this, the entire control panel tips and lifts up. Not very stable at all.

Gloves/No Gloves 0h 52m 10s
0h 54m 38s SE
    SCENE:   The Falcon is about to make the jump into lightspeed.
EVENT:   Han says the line "Go strap yourselves in." and mentions that they are about to jump into hyperspace. Up until this point, Han had been wearing gloves. But when the camera cuts to a shot of the pilots from behind, and Han pulls the lever to make the jump, he is no longer wearing gloves.

Teleporting Artoo 0h 55m 04s
0h 57m 30s SE
    SCENE:   Artoo Detoo is watching Threepio and Chewie play Holo-Chess on the Falcon.
EVENT:   The scene cuts to a close up of Artoo's head while the game progresses. Notice the background around him. It's not the interior of the Falcon, as it should be, but instead, it's the red and black computer panels found inside the Death Star's control room, where our heroes end up later on in the movie. Obviously either Lucas didn't have, or wasn't satisfied with the footage shot inside the falcon, and had to substitute with footage shot elsewhere.

Saber Shadows 0h 55m 44s
0h 58m 12s SE
    SCENE:   Luke is practising some lightsaber skills on board the Falcon.
EVENT:   As Luke plays around with the remote, you can see a shadow of the "stick" used as the lightsaber against his tunic.

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