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Updated: February 20, 2000

Reversed Red Leader 1h 38m 24s
1h 41m 16s SE
    SCENE:   As the rebel fleet approaches the Death Star.
EVENT:   Red Leader's microphone attached to his helmet, switches from side to side. This is a result of the film being flipped during post production. This happens as he speaks the line "All wings, report in!"

Broken Speedometer 1h 38m 54s
1h 41m 47s SE
    SCENE:   The rebel fleet is on it's way to the Death Star.
EVENT:   We see the fighters from behind as they approach the Death Star. Given it's tremendous size, and the rate at which it is growing larger to our view, their rate of approach must be incredible. Moments later, as they are about to begin the attack run itself, Red Leader calls "Accelerate to attack speed", and yet, when you consider their speed with their surroundings, they are now going much slower than when they were on their approach.

Mirrored Luke 1h 40m 01s
1h 42m 03s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle over the Death Star.
EVENT:   After Red Leader says the line "Watch it, there's a lot of fire coming from the right side of that deflection tower," you will notice that Luke's microphone switches over to the opposite side of his helmet for that shot.

Revolving Windows 1h 40m 56s
1h 43m 48s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle over the Death Star, after the TIE fighters are launched.
EVENT:   If you watch closely, you will notice a difference between how the cockpit window of a TIE fighter looks from outside (the miniature model) and from inside with the pilot's eye view. From the outside, the windows are configured as follows:

But when viewed from the inside of the cockpit, the windows are arranged like this:


Threepio's Moving Dent 1h 41m 27s
1h 44m 19s SE
    SCENE:   During the shots in the Yavin IV Command Centre.
EVENT:   Near the beginning of the movie, C-3PO gets a dent on the left side of his head when he falls and breaks off his arm; he still has this dent throughout the movie, but in one shot at the end, when he's next to Leia in the Rebel Control Room, the film has been reversed--his dent is on his right side, and Leia is now on the other side of him. This is repeated several times throughout the battle.

Mistaken Identity 1h 41m 58s
1h 44m 50s SE
    SCENE:   During the battle over the Death Star after Luke kills the TIE pursuing Biggs.
EVENT:   Luke now has TIE following him. Wedge says "I'm on him, Luke! Hold On!" After a few tense moments, Luke says "Blast it! Biggs, where are you?" Didn't Wedge say he was taking care of the TIE fighter? Perhaps you could argue that Luke was getting scared and wished his boyhood hero to help him since Wedge was taking so long, but even in the script Luke says "Blast it! Wedge, where are you?"

Mirrored Control 1h 48m 25s
1h 44m 37s SE
    SCENE:   After Biggs' death and Luke gets shot.
EVENT:   Luke speaks into his microphone announcing to the control room that he's alright. We get a view of one of the controllers who's headset is on his left ear. But in the next cut, it's on his right.

Gold Five, Who Are You? 1h 43m 37s
1h 46m 35s SE
    SCENE:   When Gold Five is going on his attack run on the Death Star trench.
EVENT:   Gold Five calls out, "Gold Five to Red Leader," to which Red Leader's response is, "I copy, Gold Leader."

NOTES:   At this point in the movie, both Gold Leader and Gold Two are dead. Because we never see (or hear) from Gold Three or Four (assuming there is a Gold Three and Four in this battle) it is possible that Gold Five is the leader of the Gold squadron. However, standard military protocol dictates that although command can be delegated to others, position can not. The most probable name that he would be called would be "Acting Gold Leader" although that cannot be verified.

The only exception is in the navy, where a Commander is able to be the commanding officer on a ship. Although in rank, he/she is a commander, he/she is referred to as Captain by all except those ranking higher than commander.

Furthermore, since Red Leader presumably ranks higher than Gold Leader due to the fact that Gold Leader reports to Red Leader that he is starting his attack run. Even if Gold Five was acting commander, protocol would dictate that Red Leader refers to Gold Five by his actual rank, and not Gold Leader.

Also worth noting is the fact that in the script, Red Leader says "I copy Gold Five."


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