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Updated: February 20, 2000

The Shadows . . . 1h 25m 28s
1h 27m 54s SE
    SCENE:   When Chewie and Han arrive first in the hallway leading to the Millennium Falcon before the line "Didn't we just leave this party?"
EVENT:   You can see the shadows of Luke and Leia, who are waiting to run in on cue right after Han and Chewie run in.

Malfunctioning Lightsaber 1h 26m 17s
1h 28m 43s SE
    SCENE:   Ben notices that our heroes are trying to escape, and puts his lightsaber up in sacrifice.
EVENT:   When Vader takes his long sweeping slice to Ben, Vader's saber passes through Ben's lightsaber blade slightly above the hilt, when in all other occasions, lightsaber blades could not pass through each other.

Leia's Fast Moves 1h 26m 29s
1h 28m 55s SE
    SCENE:   Everyone except Luke has moved towards the Falcon's boarding ramp.
EVENT:   Leia runs up the ramp, and stops, standing behind the ramp support beam closest to the camera. As the camera cuts to different angles, Leia shifts position from behind the support beam, to beside the loading ramp, and back, numerous times.

Do It Again 1h 26m 45s
1h 29m 11s SE
    SCENE:   Darth Vader just slays Obi Wan Kenobi and a firefight erupts in the hanger bay of the Death Star.
EVENT:   Everyone except Luke has taken refuge in the Millennium Falcon. Obi Wan's spirit instructs Luke to run, and he does. We see a medium close up of Luke. He is holding his blaster with two hands. He turns, and drops his blaster down by his side, holding it with only one hand. We then cut to a further away shot, and see Luke holding the blaster with two hands, and then dropping it down to his sides again!

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